Here at Mushin Mixed Martial Arts we
deliver the best experience possible that will
allow every member the means to reach their
personal objectives.
Erik Owings
Founder and Owner
Erik is a martial arts and fitness expert of the highest regard. He is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, and a full time trainer. Every day, Erik focuses on increasing his understanding of the body, movement, performance, nutrition, and the martial arts. His goal is to help everyone who is sincere in their desire to learn martial arts and to improve their health and fitness.

"My goal, when I created Mushin was to create a gym for everybody, not just a certain type of person. My emphasis is on educating people so that they can improve themselves not just in the areas of martial arts and exercise, but in all areas of their lives. I believe that the method of teaching we employ at Mushin will make anybody better at anything they choose to do."
-Erik Owings